Early morning departure from Thessaloniki for Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great, and a visit to the archaeological site and museum. The excavations brought to light the interesting findings of the ancient city, which are exhibited in the local museum. You will certainly be impressed by the exquisite mosaic floors that decorated the city’s grand mansions – the most famous are those depicting the Abduction of Helen, the Rapture, the Amazonochia (the battle of the Amazons) and the Deer Hunt.

Vergina, the ancient capital of the Macedonian Kingdom, where nowadays one of the most beautiful museums of Greece is located. Visit to the museum, which contains the royal tomb of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, together with gold and other objects of incredible beauty and value. The museum exhibits the Golden Larnaca, an urn with the cremated remains of Philip II that carries a 16-rayed sun, the symbol of Macedonia. The Sun of Vergina, a characteristic symbol of the Argive dynasty of King Philip II and Alexander the Great, was found alongside the excavations that revealed the royal tomb of his father. Admire the golden oak wreath worn by Philip II at his funeral pyre, military armaments, various offerings and other tombs that have been rediscovered.

An impressive portrait of Alexander the Great welcomes you and invites you to discover the roots of history. Browse the temporary numismatic exhibition that features coins from every corner of the Hellenistic world, including coins of Macedonian kings and Alexander’s successors. See monumental sculptures, lances and sarissa helmets of Macedonian phalanx soldiers, high quality painted ceramics, banquet ware from aristocratic banquets and the burials of queens with all their jewels and royal insignia.

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